Qualifications for In-Flight Relief Flight Crew Members

To avoid confusion, I have added the appropriate regulation to allow users to understand the qualifications to be met when individuals serve as relief commanders and relief co-pilots.

ORO.FC.A.201 In-flight relief of flight crew members.



Inflight Rest Depiction.

I have added a graphical depiction concerning Inflight Rest to the Concept Model, as well as the Module 2 of the presentation.

EASA FTL 2016 Module 2 V1.3

NAA questions to the EASA regarding the new FTL.

At a meeting in Cologne in Feb 2014 several requests for clarification were made to the EASA.

NAA Questions of understanding Feb 2014


EASA Presentation Material from 15-16-May-2014 Workshop.

The attached material is from the 15-16-May-2014 Workshop.

Work Shop 15-16 May 2014

When FRM is required for Long Night Duties

CS FTL.1.205 – Flight Duty Period (FDP):

  1. Consecutive night duties, the number of sectors is limited to 4 sectors per duty.
  2. FRM is required to actively manage the fatiguing effect of night duties of more than 10 hours in relation to the surrounding duties and rest periods

To aid in understanding the requirement to apply FRM to Long Night Duties, the following Table has been developed for acclimated / Un-Augmented CM’s.

Long Night FDP

Asking the EASA questions – we all win.

I recently received information from the EASA that the following definition was missing from the final version o fthe EASA FTL effective 2016.

‘Eastward-Westward and Westward-Eastward transition’ means the transition at home base between a rotation crossing 6 or more time zones in one direction and a rotation crossing 4 or more time zones in the opposite direction.

While it may seem to be a small thing, asking questions is how we all ensure that the regulations will in the end be implemented correctly, effeciently and most importantly safely with the least amount of confusion.

I wish to thank the EASA for taking the time to answer my simple question.

I am sure the various NAA’s, Airlines, Unions, Crew members and Vendors all have questions, just ask, my answer came in a timely manner, was direct and too the point.

EASA FTL – Application of Regulations:

Application of Regulations:.


EASA FTL – Concept Model

Concept Model.





EASA FTL – Training Material

Training Material.