ORO.FTL.240 Nutrition

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Rest Periods


Records of Home Base, Flight Times, Duty and Rest Periods

(a)       During the FDP there shall be the opportunity for a meal and drink in order to avoid any detriment to a crew member’s performance, especially when the FDP exceeds 6 hours.

(b)       An operator shall specify in its operations manual how the crew member’s nutrition during FDP is ensured.

AMC1 ORO.FTL.240 Nutrition

6 thoughts on “ORO.FTL.240 Nutrition

  1. Hallo,
    Let’s assume that a crew has an 9 or 8 sector series of flights with max of 25 to 30 min ground time between sectors and a total of at least 7 to 9 hours of duty . Where the meal opportunity can fit with only the reporting , ground time and post flight time without flight ?


    1. The OM is suppossed to state how nutrition is to be provided.

      AMC1 ORO.FTL.240 Nutrition


      (a) The operations manual should specify the minimum duration of the meal opportunity, when a meal opportunity is provided, in particular when the FDP encompasses the regular meal windows (e.g. if the FDP starts at 11:00 hours and ends at 22:00 hours meal opportunities for two meals should be given).
      (b) It should define the time frames in which a regular meal should be consumed in order not to alter the human needs for nutrition without affecting the crew member’s body rhythms.

      This does not mean that the CM must have ample time to go-out and get a meal, other options exist (catering of on board meals). It may be just a quick sandwich and snacks like fruit and some kind of drink.

      Obviously, long haul flights provide onboard meals to the crews, and I would expect that short haul operations would also provide some ability to permit the CM the ability for nutrition whether the operator provides the meal, or sufficient time for the CM to have time to get the meal on their own.

      please review your OM and discuss with your airline officials, to clarify how the objectives can be met.



  2. The OM states “ as per AMC1 ORO.FTL 240 Nutrition “ and they provide a fruit and a sandwich or a salad in the crew room to take to the flights . As I mentioned the only “ free time “ is the turn around time. Is that ok ?


    1. Hmm, CM goes to the crew room at the start of the day and needs to “brown bag it”, wont the food spoil?

      I would have hoped that they would have provided at least one turn of at least 1:00-1:30 during the day when the duty exceeds 6:00 on short hauls.

      You need to discuss this with the airline, respectfully, to let them know your concerns, perhaps they can ‘cater’ some of the crew meals to the aircraft.


  3. “A meal and a drink” how can this be better specified in order to provide healthy nutritious food which is suitable for flight duty?


    1. Not being a nutritionist or a Doctor who specializes in sleep I won’t make a specific diet reccommendations, however, ICAO/IATA/IALPA recommend the following.

      Eating Right
      • Maintaining blood sugar levels is key to controlling ups and downs in energy levels.
      • Eating low-fat, high-protein foods can actually increase alertness.
      • High-fat foods can slow you down.
      • High-sugar foods can cause your blood sugar to rise and fall quickly.

      Drink Plenty of Fluids
      • Dehydration slows you down and increases feelings of sluggishness.
      • Working in heat, air conditioning, or at night can be dehydrating.
      • Drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, or alcohol, and eating salty foods can make you feel thirstier.
      • Adults should drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day.


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