ORO.FTL.225 Standby and Duties at the Airport

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Split Duty



If an operator assigns crew members to standby or to any duty at the airport, the following shall apply in accordance with the certification specifications applicable to the type of operation:

(a)       standby and any duty at the airport shall be in the roster and the start and end time of standby shall be defined and notified in advance to the crew members concerned to provide them with the opportunity to plan adequate rest;

(b)       a crew member is considered on airport standby from reporting at the reporting point until the end of the notified airport standby period;

(c)       airport  standby  shall  count  in  full  as  duty  period  for  the  purpose  of  points ORO.FTL.210 and ORO.FTL.235;

(d)       any duty at the airport shall count in full as duty period and the FDP shall count in full from the airport duty reporting time;

(e)       the operator shall provide accommodation to the crew member on airport standby;

(f)        flight time specification schemes shall specify the following elements:

(1)   the maximum duration of any standby;

(2)   the impact of the time spent on standby on the maximum FDP that may be assigned, taking into account facilities provided to the crew member to rest, and other relevant factors such as:

–      the need for immediate readiness of the crew member,

–      the interference of standby with sleep, and

–       sufficient notification to protect a sleep opportunity between the call for duty and the assigned FDP;

(3)   the minimum rest period following standby which does not lead to assignment of an FDP;

(4)   how time spent on standby other than airport standby shall be counted for the purpose of cumulative duty periods.

CS FTL.1.225 Standby

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