ORO.FTL.200 Home Base

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Flight Time Specification Schemes


Flight Duty Period (FDP)

An operator shall assign a home base to each crew member.

CS FTL.1.200 Home Base


6 thoughts on “ORO.FTL.200 Home Base

    1. Mila,
      Under ORO.FTL.200 Home Base
      The Airline is free to change the home base at any time as long as the conditions under CS FTL.1.200(b) are met:
      In the case of a change of home base, the first recurrent extended recovery rest period prior to starting duty at the new home base is increased to 72 hours, including 3 local nights. Travelling time between the former home base and the new home base is positioning.

      as well as the conditions under GM1 CS FTL.1.200:
      GM1 CS FTL.1.200 Home Base
      Crew members should consider making arrangements for temporary accommodation closer to their home base if the travelling time from their residence to their home base usually exceeds 90 minutes.

      The need for approval by the crew member is more of an internal and or contractual aggreement/procedure.
      You may want to refer to your Operations Manual (OM) to see if any internal procedures have been documented.

      May I also recommend that you also consult your airline with specific questions when discussing compliance to the EASA FTL,
      I would assume that they would be more than helpful in response to you queries.



    1. Cyril,
      In cases where a single metropolitan area is served by more than one airport, eg LHR and LGW for London, CDG and ORY for Paris.
      It is possible that the local NAA will approve such co-bases as long as the travel time between the two airports is less than 90 minutes.

      If cases where the two bases involve different cities eg Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, then the 80%/20% rule becomes more complex.

      In such situations for the change in home base must follow the guidance as specified in:
      ORO.FTL.200 / CS FTL.1.200 require that a CM must first be given an extended rest period of 72 hours including 3 local nights rest. The time to travel between the two bases is considered positioning.



  1. Hello,

    Is it allowed to change base before positioning to new base? As example – I am on 4 off days in TXL and during these off days my base is changed to LGW? Soon after OFF days I am positioned to LGW – which is new base.



  2. Hello. My company wants to give me a flight on duty to Havana. I should stay 7 or 20 days in Cuba stand by and then coming back on duty to my homebase.
    I wonder wether is possible to be assigned to a New home base for a limited time. Can I stay in Cuba stand by waiting far some internal fights?
    Is that possibile? Can I operate a stand by in another country different for my house or my airport ?
    That should mean that all my rest days have to be done in another country in an hotel which is not my house ?
    Thank you


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