The crew member shall:

  • comply with all flight and duty time limitations (FTL) and rest requirements applicable to their activities.
  • when undertaking duties for more than one operator:
    • maintain his/her individual records regarding flight and duty times and rest periods as referred to in applicable FTL requirements; and
    • provide each operator with the date needed to schedule activities in accordance with the applicable FTL requirements.
  • The crew member shall not perform duties on an aircraft:
    • if he/she knows or suspects that he/she is suffering from fatigue as referred to in 7.f of Annex IV to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 or feels otherwise unfit, to the extent that the flight may be endangered.

ORO.FTL.115 Crew Member Responsibilities

2 thoughts on “CAT.GEN.MPA.100(b)

  1. Hi! i would like to know, whats happen, if you perform a non comercial flight in your free time.
    If necesary reports this flight hours to my operator in order to comply with the FTL


    1. I have not found a corresponding regulation which states one way or the other, it may exist.

      I did look at CAP-371 and the following provision states:
      1.4 A flight crew member is required to inform anyone who employs his services as a flight crew member of all flight times and flying duty periods undertaken, whether professionally or privately, except for flying in aircraft not exceeding 1,600 kg maximum weight and not flying for the purpose of public transport or aerial work. Aerial work includes flying instruction for which the pilot is remunerated. It is also aerial work where valuable consideration is given specifically for flying instruction, even if the pilot receives no reward.

      Your local CAA may have guidance which states one way or the other.



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