GM1 ORO.FTL.105(2) Definitions

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GM3 ORO.FTL.105(1)


GM1 ORO.FTL.105(3)


ORO.FTL.105 Definitions


(a)       Reference time refers to reporting points in a 2-hour wide time zone band around the local time where a crew member is acclimatised.

(b)       Example: A crew member is acclimatised to the local time in Helsinki and reports for duty in London. The reference time is the local time in London.

2 thoughts on “GM1 ORO.FTL.105(2) Definitions

  1. If i’m acclimatised to Cologne/Bonn time, i fly to Bucharest. Full rest, then report for flight back to Cologne/Bonn.
    If I use Cologne Time which is within 2 time zones, departing at 1820 Cologne LT, 1920 Bucarest time, what is my max extended FDP for 2 sectors?
    11h20 or no extension allowed in table?

    Why would you talk about 2 time zones if i have to use local time at reporting point anyway? Something must be wrong in the wording of the definition!


    1. Since the crew member has remained in a timezone band +/- 2 hours, the crew member is in an acclimated state.
      Whenever a crewmember is is an acclimated state, the reference time is the time of report.
      The basic FDP limits from table 2 are applied using reference time (1920 Bucarest time).
      For two sectors, the basic limit is 11:00 (just a note the same value would come if you used 1820 Cologne LT).
      The basic limit may be extended under ORO.FTL.205 (d) scheduled extensions without inflight rest.
      Under this provision the scheduled FDP may have a scheduled extension of 1:00, in your case to 12:00.
      You must meet the conditions under sub sections (1)(i) or (1)(ii), as well as sub sections (2) (3) (4) and (5).
      Further the Commander may extend the FDP beyond the basic limitations by up to 2:00 un-augmented as provided in ORO.FTL.205.(f). In your case the basic FDP may be extended to 13:00.

      In short before takeoff, unless the FDP has been extended under 205(f) or 205(d), the fdp should end no later than 04:50 Cologne time.
      Under 205(d) the FDP should no later than 05:50 Cologne time, and finally under 205(f) the FDP should end no later than 07:50 Cologne time.

      The two hour with time zone band is for determination as to whether a crew needs to undergo acclimatisation.
      When a crew member exits the two hour wide band, the acclimatization state is determined using table 1, ORO.FTL.105(1).

      I hope this helps you in understanding the regulations.
      As I have stated many times, I am not with the EASA or any regulatory agency, nor am I with any airline, so my opinions may differ and/or may be incomplete.



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