GM1 CS FTL.1.205(a)(2) Flight Duty Period (FDP)

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GM1 CS FTL.1.205(c)(1)(ii)

Flight Duty Period (FDP)

CS FTL.1.205 Flight Duty Period (FDP)


(a)       When rostering night duties of more than 10 hours (referred to below as ‘long night duties’), it is critical for the crew member to obtain sufficient sleep before such duties when he/she is adapted to being awake during day time hours at the local time where he/she is acclimatised. To optimise alertness on long night duties, the likelihood of obtaining sleep as close as possible to the start of the FDP should be considered, when rostering rest periods before long night duties, by providing sufficient time to the crew member to adapt to being awake during the night. Rostering practices leading to extended wakefulness before reporting for such duties should be avoided. Fatigue risk management principles that could be applied to the rostering of long night duties may include:

(1)   avoiding long night duties after extended recovery rest periods

(2)   progressively delaying the rostered ending time of the FDPs preceding long night duties;

(3)   starting a block of night duties with a shorter FDP; and

(4)   avoiding the sequence of early starts and long night duties.

(b)       Fatigue risk management principles may be applied to the rostering of long night duties by means of:

(1)   considering operator or industry operational experience and data collected on similar operations;

(2)   evidence-based scheduling practices; and

(3)   bio-mathematical models.

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