CS FTL.1.230 Reserve

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CS FTL.1.235

Rest Periods

ORO.FTL.230 Reserve

The  operator  assigns  duties  to  a  crew  member  on  reserve  under  the  provisions  of ORO.FTL.230 complying with the following:

GM1 CS FTL.1.230 Reserve

GM2 CS FTL.1.230 Reserve

(a)       An assigned FDP counts from the reporting time.

(b)       Reserve times do not count as duty period for the purpose of ORO.FTL.210 and ORO.FTL.235.

(c)       The operator defines the maximum number of consecutive reserve days within the limits of ORO.FTL.235(d).

GM1 CS FTL.1.230(c) Reserve

(d)       To protect an 8-hour sleep opportunity, the operator rosters a period of 8 hours, taking  into account fatigue management  principles, for  each reserve  day during which a crew member on reserve is not contacted by the operator.

One thought on “CS FTL.1.230 Reserve

  1. Is it acceptable, that operator constantly changing Reserve to SBY?

    We have three Reserve days in row and with nice 10hour early notification first Reserve day changes to SBY. Then, during SBY we get notification about second Reserve day change to SBY and similar staff with third day. If during SBY I receive assignment for flight, then on the Check Out will be notification about next day SBY.

    With those changes the idea about Reserve is totally lost, instead we have three SBY, which are possible to shift by operator day by day.

    Three scheduled SBYs with fixed times are better than 3 days RESERVE, because with fixed SBY crew-member can plan his free time, but with RESERVE it’s harder.

    Reserve can NOT be changed to SBY.



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