CS FTL.1.220 Split Duty

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CS FTL.1.205

Flight Duty Period (FDP)

CS FTL.1.225


ORO.FTL.220 Split Duty

The increase of limits on flight duty, under the provisions of ORO.FTL.220, complies with the following:

(a)       The break on the ground within the FDP has a minimum duration of 3 consecutive hours.

(b)       The break excludes the time allowed for post and pre-flight duties and travelling. The minimum total time for post and pre-flight duties and travelling is 30 minutes. The operator specifies the actual times in its operations manual.

GM1 CS FTL.1.220(b) Split Duty

(c)       The maximum FDP specified in ORO.FTL.205(b) may be increased by up to 50 % of the break.

(d)       Suitable accommodation is provided either for a break of 6 hours or more or for a break that encroaches the window of circadian low (WOCL).

(e)       In all other cases:

(1)   accommodation is provided; and

(2)   any time of the actual break exceeding 6 hours or any time of the break that encroaches the WOCL does not count for the extension of the FDP.

(f)        Split duty cannot be combined with in-flight rest.


8 thoughts on “CS FTL.1.220 Split Duty

  1. Can a pilot perform two consecutive split duty (meaning starting the second split duty on the evening of the day he finished the first one in that same morning)?


    1. Yes, however, the rest period between the the split duties must not be reduced.
      ORO.FTL.220(C) split duty shall not follow a reduced rest.

      So, in the case where the preceding FDP is a split duty, the entire duty period, including the the time spent on break is used to establish the required rest.

      I crew member will be considered to be on a split duty under the following conditions:
      1) the FDP is scheduled with a with no extensions for in-flight rest, ORO.FTL.205(e) Maximum daily FDP with the use of extensions due to in-flight rest
      2) the FDP had been scheduled to exceed the basic FDP limits under ORO.FTL.205 (b) Basic maximum daily FDP.

      When assigned to a Split Duty. only one break is permitted to be designated for use as an extension to the FDP.
      The permissible extension must follow the guidelines in CS FTL.1.220 Split Duty AND GM1 CS FTL.1.220(b) Split Duty.
      Other breaks in duty may be given, however that time must be considered as FDP, and must permit the FDP to be scheduled to be completed within the Split Duty Limitation.


      1. Can a start a split duty on 01.08.2017 at 21:10z to 07:20z next day and start the next split duty on 02.08.2017 at 21:10z until 09:00z of the next day (03.08.2017)? Both split duties encroaching the WOCL…


      2. Kaja,
        You asked the following:
        Can a start a split duty on 01.08.2017 at 21:10z to 07:20z next day and start the next split duty on 02.08.2017 at 21:10z until 09:00z of the next day (03.08.2017)?
        Both split duties encroaching the WOCL

        Split Duties are governed under ORO.FTL.220 and CS FTL.1.220.
        In the situation being presented, the first FDP is for 10:20.
        With a Report at 21:10, the basic FDP limit in Table B for 4 sectors is for 10:00, so the split duty rule is required, with a minimum a duty break of 3:00 provided in a suitable accommodation, the permissible FDP limit may be increased by 1:30, to 11:30.

        In the second FDP is for 11:40.
        With a Report at 21:10, the basic FDP limit in Table B for 4 sectors is for 10:00, so the split duty rule is required,. The required break in a suitable accommodation must be no less than 3:20.

        The rest period between the two duties is for 12:10.

        Given that both duties fall during the WOCL, the following provisions apply:

        CS FTL.1.205 Flight Duty Period (FDP)

        (a) Night duties under the provisions of ORO.FTL.205(b) and (d) comply with the following:

        (1) When establishing the maximum FDP for consecutive night duties, the number of sectors is limited to 4 sectors per duty.

        (2) The operator applies appropriate fatigue risk management to actively manage the fatiguing effect of night duties of more than 10 hours in relation to the surrounding duties and rest periods.

        CS FTL.1.205(a)(1) – simply restricts that both duties will be limited to no more than 4 sectors in each FDP.

        CS FTL.1.205(a)(2) – requires that appropriate FRM will be applied when a night duty (the the first and or second FDP) will be more than 10:00.

        The second of these provisions is not very well defined in the regulation, but

          could mean

        that the rest period before the first FDP is extended, as well as the rest period after the second FDP is extended, and that the breaks are sufficiently long enough to allow more sleep during the WOCL, (perhaps 4:00).

        Another point to mention is that the rest period between the two FDPs is for 12:10, while it meets the criteria set forth in ORO.FTL.235(a) and (b), it could be viewed as a low value, especially if being undertaken at base, so I am not too sure that this will meet the objective in CS FTL.1.205(a)(2).

        Since my opinions, may not be totally in line with the airlines point of view, I suggest that a conversation between yourself and the airline, regarding this matter and further examination of the duties in more detail will reveal if any potential problems may exist.

        In short, based upon the information you provided, the duties appear legal at this time.



    1. Split duty under ORO.FTL 220 is applied to unaugmented crews.
      The basic FDP limits in Table 2 provide the basic guidance. Use the start time of the FDP and the number of sectors.
      So a FDP that starts at 10:00 with 4 sectors has a FDP limit of 12:00.
      The basic FDP limit may be extended i f the crew member is provided a break. A break does not include post-flight duties (POD) or pre-flight duties (PRD) or travel time (TVT) to/from the accomodation, the POD + PRD+ TVT may not be less than 0:30. Lets assume the the POD + PRD + TVT is less than 0:30 so a ground time less 0:30 is assumed to be the break. 3:30 ground time would qualify as a break at is is greater than 3:00 = (3:30 – 0:30). With a 3:00 break the basic FDP may be extended by 50% of the break (1:30) so the max split duty FDP IS 13:30 in our example.
      A 4:00 break would permit a FDP of 14:00, a 6:00 break would permit a FDP of 15:00, 8:00 break 16:00 FDP. 9:00 break 16:30 FDP.

      The Split Duty FDP includes the time while a crew member is on break, and the Total Duty Time also includes the time on break.
      The Total Duty Time is applied to the cumulative duty limits in ORO.FTL.210(b) 60:00 in 7 days, 110:00 in 14 days and 190:00 in 28 days.

      The Split Duty FDP may be further extended up to a maximum of 2:00 under ORO.FTL.205(f)(1) (Commander’s discretion).

      A Split Duty FDP is not permitted to follow a rest period that is reduced.

      Lastly, when a break will last 6:00 or more or the break touches the WOCL, a suitable accommodation must be provided.

      For further details, please refer to ORO.FTL.220 CS FTL.1.220, GM1 CS FTL.1.22(b).


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