AMC1 ORO.FTL.250 Fatigue Management Training

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ORO.FTL.250 Fatigue Management Training


The training syllabus should contain the following:

(a)       applicable regulatory requirements for flight, duty and rest;

(b)       the basics of fatigue including sleep fundamentals and the effects of disturbing the circadian rhythms;

(c)       the causes of fatigue, including medical conditions that may lead to fatigue;

(d)       the effect of fatigue on performance;

(e)       fatigue countermeasures;

(f)        the influence of lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and family life, on fatigue;

(g)       familiarity with sleep disorders and their possible treatments;

(h)       where  applicable,  the  effects  of  long  range  operations  and  heavy  short  range schedules on individuals;

(i)        the effect of operating through and within multiple time zones; and

(j)        the crew member responsibility for ensuring adequate rest and fitness for flight duty.

One thought on “AMC1 ORO.FTL.250 Fatigue Management Training

  1. In our so called fatigue training there is nothing on how to complete a fatigue report form and nothing on the specifics of the FTL scheme, applicable to my airline. In addition cabin crew are unable to understand chapter 7 and it seems to be written in a confused manner right with this final scope: leave rules unclear that can lead to interpretation.

    Is there anything crew can do to require a proper training which allow every individual to understand the rostering rules and the real fatigue countermeasures?

    Why fatigue is not prevented but the airline can leave each individual to experience it?

    It is difficult to make self prevention…and it is a very unsafe practice.



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