AMC1 ORO.FTL.120(b)(1) Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)

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AMC1 ORO.FTL.110(j)

Operator Responsibilities

AMC2 ORO.FTL.120(b)(2)

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)

ORO.FTL.120 Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)


(a)       The operator’s FRM policy should identify all the elements of FRM.

(b)       The FRM policy should define to which operations FRM applies.

(c)       The FRM policy should:

(1)   reflect the shared responsibility of management, flight and cabin crew , and other involved personnel;

(2)   state the safety objectives of FRM;

(3)   be signed by the accountable manager;

(4)   be communicated, with visible endorsement, to all the relevant areas and levels of the organisation;

(5)   declare management commitment to effective safety reporting;

(6)   declare management commitment to the provision of adequate resources for FRM;

(7)   declare management commitment to continuous improvement of FRM;

(8)   require that clear lines of accountability for management, flight and cabin crew , and all other involved personnel are identified; and

(9)   require periodic reviews to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

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