EASA to expand FTL to other operations.

In a notice of proposed amendment, EASA would expand flight-time limitation (FTL) rules to cover air-taxi operations (ATXO); airplane and helicopter emergency medical service operations (AEMS and HEMS); and single-pilot operations for both scheduled and on-demand flights.

The proposed amendments are mainly expected to improve safety during night duties and where scientific principles to measure fatigue have not been used so far, as well as to ensure harmonization of requirements across the EU. All proposed amendments are fully aligned with ICAO standards and recommended practices, EASA said.

To a varying extent, current EASA FTL requirements apply to air taxis, single-pilot airplane operations and AEMs. An exception in this respect is the maximum daily flight duty period in single-pilot and AEMS since individual national rules apply. Also, HEMS flight and duty times vary considerably from state to state. Therefore, establishing EASA-mandated maximum daily flight duty periods for AEMS and FTL rules for HEMS constitutes a major element of this proposal.

Comments on the proposed rules must be submitted by Jan. 31, 2018. A decision on the proposal is expected to be made by next year’s third quarter.


ORO.FTL Operator Responsibilities

I have prepared an example of ORO.FTL Operator responsibilities.

The examples illustrate some of the concepts an operator may consider necessary for their operation. Not all examples have been considered, and not all examples will apply to all operations.

Example ORO.FTL Operator Responsibilities

EASA Presentation Material from 15-16-May-2014 Workshop.

The attached material is from the 15-16-May-2014 Workshop.

Work Shop 15-16 May 2014

EASA FTL – Application of Regulations:

Application of Regulations:.


EASA FTL – Concept Model

Concept Model.





EASA FTL – Training Material

Training Material.


Application Of EASA FTL Regulations.

As an aide to the readers in understanding EASA FTL,  I am releasing my interpretation as to how to apply the regulations.

I am sure that this interpretation will need to be refined, as we all learn how to best apply interpretations to meet approved certification standards (CS).

The link for the full page is here:

Application Of EASA FTL Regulations

Please provide any feedback you may be able to provide,  should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Concept Model for EASA FTL

I have added the Concept Model to introduce readers to required concepts for the calculation of values which will be applied under EASA FTL. These basic concepts will be applied within the application of the regulatory constraints and requirements in an upcoming page on this site.

New EASA FTL effective Feb 2016

Welcome to Understanding EASA FTL 2016.

A site dedicated to share information concerning the new Flight Time Limitations going into effect in February 2016.

Present information in a generic manner to allow the Commercial Operators and Crew members, a baselined starting point.

I will add more information as time permits.


This site follows a successful implementation with FAR 117, which went into effect this past January where the community was very receptive to the material presented.