Recurrent Extended Recovery Rest Period

The following question came in today, so I though I would share with everyone:

I have a question about recurrent extended recovery rest period. Minimum is one local day and two local nights. So the duty shall finish (not flight duty) latest 2200 local on day1 and start earliest on day3 at 0800 local time (actual reporting time). Total 36 hours of rest.

What if two local days off are assigned, when can be the earliest checkin on day4?
Assume FDP operates in the same time zone.

Thank you

The applicable regulation is:

ORO.FTL.235 Rest Periods

(d) Recurrent extended recovery rest periods (RERRP)

Flight time specification schemes shall specify recurrent extended recovery rest periods to compensate for cumulative fatigue. The minimum recurrent extended recovery rest period shall be 36 hours, including 2 local nights, and in any case the time between the end of one recurrent extended recovery rest period and the start of the next extended recovery rest period shall not be more than 168 hours. The recurrent extended recovery rest period shall be increased to 2 local days twice every month.

Since it is defined as a rest period it must meet the conditions of a rest:

ORO.FTL.105 Definitions

(16) “local night (LNR)” means a period of 8 hours falling between 22:00 and 08:00 local time;

(21) “rest period” means a continuous, uninterrupted and defined period of time, following duty or prior to duty, during which a crew member is free of all duties, standby and reserve;

So a rest period must be known in advance, and completely free of duty for the continuous period of time. Since it it a singular rest period no duty may intervene during the start and end of that period.

For a RERRP to exist it must meet certain conditions:

1. it is a single defined period of rest

2. it is no less than 36:00 in duration and it contains two LNR’s.

A LNR may start no later than 24:00, and it may end No earlier than 06:00.

To satisfy condition 1 look at the start time of your RERRP and add 36:00,

a RERRP starting at 18:00 (day 1) + 36:00 = 54:00 (06:00 day 3)

a RERRP starting at 20:00 (day 1) + 36:00 = 56:00 (08:00 day 3),

a RERRP starting at 22:00 (day 1) + 36:00 = 58:00 (10:00 day 3)

a RERRP starting at 23:59 (day 1) + 36:00 = 59:59 (11:59 day 3)

To satisfy the second condition you must have two LNR’s,
To have a LNR, it must contain 8:00 continuous rest.
A LNR that starts at 21:00 must not end earlier 06:00, since a LNR cannot start earlier than 22:00 we add 8:00 22:00 + 8:00 = 30:00 (06:00 the next day), a LNR may start after 22:00 but no later than 24:00, so a LNR that starts at 23:00 + 8:00 = 31:00 (07:00 next day), and a LNR that starts at 24:00 + 8:00 = (32:00 (08:00) the next day.

The second of the LNR in a RERRP would be expected to start no later than 22:00, so it must always include the time and end no earlier than 06:00 day 3.

Knowing the start time of your RERRP you must find the difference from 06:00 day 3 – so a RERRP that starts at 16:00 day 1 to 06:00 day 3 is 38:00, which is greater than 36:00 so the cm must be off for at least 38:00.

The easiest way to figure this out is if your RERRP starts before 18:00, the minimum rest = (18:00 – RERRP start) + 36:00.
So a RERRP that starts at 02:30 is (18:00 – 02:30) + 36:00 = 15:30 + 36:00 = 51:30

If your RERRP starts at 18:00 up to 24:00, it is just 36:00.

Lastly, the RERRP must be extended to included two full local days off, 2 times per month, meaning a 48:00 period starting at midnight and ending no earlier than midnight 48:00 later, So a RERRP starting at 23:00 must be no less than 49:00, and a RERRP starting at 22:00 must be no less than 50:00, to satisfy this condition.

A RERRP starting at 23:00 day 1 and ending at 03:00 day 4 for a duration of 52:00 is legal.

Here is a small excel spread sheet you can use.


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